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LocalFood Network is a division of LocalMotive, PBC, a Colorado Public Benefit Corp whose mission is to create healthy local food economies, in the US and beyond. We are local food activists, data geeks, environmentalists and foodies.

We accept the challenge to transform the local food system from being dependent on a large-scale, corporate-style, money-driven model to a sustainable one based on good health, shared wealth, food access and vibrant community.

LocalMotive, PBC

Elise Rothman, Founder
Beth Anderson, Director
Randi Petterson, Partner
Kathleen Howard, Food & Health


LocalFood CS Team

Hilary Serrao, CS Partnerships
Lily Kempf, CS Social Media
Bonnie Parker CS LocalFood Events
Colby Adams, CS Farmer Relations
Patru Dumitru, CS Food Supply Coordinator

LocalFood France

Anthony Douchamps