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If you had to name the thing most important to a human, what would that thing be? You might say water, air, a warm home, love or you might say food. All are critical for sure but here at LocalMotive we focus on just one of them, food. We do this because we believe that healthy food and the social and economic activity around food is being lost and that this loss is having a profoundly negative effect on the health and wellbeing of communities around the world.

LocalMotive has developed LocalFood Network to help communities relocalize their food sector by providing the tools necessary to make regional food visible, accessible, manageable and strong.

LocalFood – a new mobile app
A new app called LocalFood accompanied by its toolbox, creates a direct line of sight between food producers and retailers, and the community members they serve. The platform reconnects consumer to supplier, neighbor to neighbor, educates the public, drives demand for local food and increases production to match demand.

The local food shift that results improves community health and well-being, increases food security and boosts economic resilience.

Who We Are


LocalFood Network is a division of LocalMotive, PBC, a Colorado Public Benefit Corp whose mission is to create healthy local food economies, in the US and beyond. We are local food activists, data geeks, environmentalists and foodies.

We accept the challenge to transform the local food system from being dependent on a large-scale, corporate-style, money-driven model to a sustainable one based on good health, shared wealth, food access and vibrant community.

LocalMotive, PBC

Elise Rothman, Founder
Beth Anderson, Director
Randi Petterson, Partner
Kathleen Howard, Food & Health


LocalFood CS Team

Hilary Serrao, CS Partnerships
Lily Kempf, CS Social Media
Bonnie Parker CS LocalFood Events
Colby Adams, CS Farmer Relations
Patru Dumitru, CS Food Supply Coordinator

LocalFood France

Anthony Douchamps


In order to build a robust healthy local food economy for your city or region, first you must determine what you have already, who your farmers are, your ranchers, your food producers.

How many breweries, wineries, distilleries and coffee roasters are in your region. And who and where are your local eateries, bars, cafes, groceries stores, garden stores etc.. Well you get the idea.

We have created a simple method of rebuilding healthy regional food systems, and as important, the ability to measure and quantify the local shift that occurs when certain tools are used.


The Toolbox Includes:

Tool #1: LocalFood mobile app

Each region will have their own mobile app platform that is customized for the region and is controlled by the region’s LocalFood Team.



Tool #2: Data Collection Survey forms  

These forms will guide you through the data collection period.


Tool #3:  Inventory Survey

Used to collect data on what your farmers, ranchers and food producers are current growing and producing.


Tool #4:  LocalFood’s Back Office

Easily manage and control the information that appears on the app and keep products and players visible in real time.


Tool #5:  The LocalFood Manual Guides

Guides you from pre-launch to app launch, to daily on going tasks including things like the approach to use with retailers to help them source more locally, the appropriate times to call and visit, revenue projections, job descriptions of team members etc.


Tool #6:  Support Contract

Secure support from the local food-related stakeholders that have a little more money:  restaurants, garden stores, grocery stores, bars, wineries, breweries and distilleries, plus other partners such as visitors bureaus, university extension programs etc.


Tool #7:   Sourcing Survey

Used during your meetings with retailers to get baselines (are they sourcing anything from the region yet), and to match the retailer up with product and farmers, ranchers and food producers.


Tool #8:  LM Database Management System

LocalMotive has created a tool to help regions manage their food sector. It is a kind of CRM designed to reconnect local suppliers to local consumers. Below is a sample of the  Farmer-Restaurant Connection area of the LM Database Management System.


Tool #9: Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials have been designed to inspire participation and give those retailers who are sourcing locally and supporting the app the exposure they deserve. A variety of marketing materials are included in the toolbox ready to print including; a window decal, cards and signage. Here is the card for example:

Tool 9 Marketing


Tool #10: Fair Food Button

The newest tool in the Toolbox scheduled to go live in May of 2016 is the Fair Food button. We intend to use this tool to make healthy local food accessible to all. The most important component of the Fair Food button is the Double Food. You may not know this, but farmers markets around the country have been running this program that enables food stamp recipients to get double their purchasing power at the market when they use their food stamps. Ask for more information about this new button.

10) Fair Food


The positive impact to the local food sector can be seen and measured. For LocalMotive’s first app; LocalFood CS, we are anticipating a shift of ~$150,000 from non-local conventional (Shamrock, Cisco etc) to hyper-local organic by May of 2016.

This food shift is measurable and quantifiable thanks to the data collected from restaurants when we first meet with them (using the Survey) and the follow-up data that is put into the LF Database Management System. Up until this point, we don’t believe anyone in the US or abroad is able to quantify an actual local food shift, very simply because data to establish baselines have not been established.  Become a food secure and resilient community. Join us.

LocalMotive is a Colorado Public Benefit Corp.  We thrive on positive impact.



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Reclaim your local food economy.  Let us help.

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